De Amsteltuin Vineyard Starting Point 88 afbeelding

Routes from this starting point

Kruitmolenroute (red)
Unpaved path (partly)
De Zwarte Kat Walk (blue)
Unpaved path (partly)

Until 1970, the farmlands around De Amsteltuin vineyard belonged to the Adrianahoeve farm, located in the middle of the vast Bovenkerkerpolder. Soon after that, the city expanded and spread and the farm had to give way to the Amstelveen hospital. Fortunately, the land near the ring ditch has always remained undeveloped and it is really rather special to see a vineyard here. The vines already look quite nice and produce excellent fruit. One of the top products of the vineyard is called 'Het Witte Genieten', a delicious white wine made from Riesling.

  • The Kruitmolenroute (red) is a stroll along charming polder paths through the Langs de Akker recreational area. You can wander through the meadows, but dogs are not allowed. The Kruitmolen lane leads to a historic site where a gunpowder mill exploded in 1782. Soon afterwards, a new powder factory was built which featured a laboratory, sheds, a quenching tower and worker’s homes. This monumental complex still stands and you can now stay the night and dine there.
  • The Rondje De Zwarte Kat or De Zwarte Kat Walk (blue) takes you along the Amstel via the towpath to the spot where the De Zwarte Kat pub stood until recently. The pub was a popular stop for many cyclists and walkers during the previous century. The walk continues via the Simon Colenvaartpad, which is a reminder of the canal that used to connect the Legmeer with the Amstel. Nowadays, this area is home to the Amsteldijk golf club, whose course has some lovely paths.