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Rieker Windmill Route (green)

Unpaved path (partly) No dogs allowed

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The Riekermolenroute or Rieker Windmill Route (green) through Amstelveen en Amsterdam-Zuid connects the Amsterdamse Bos park with the Amstelpark and the much-photographed Riekermolen windmill on the Amstel river. Follow this route through the lovely natural surroundings along the Kalfjeslaan and the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelparkin Amsterdam-Zuid.

Photo: Westphil Photography

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  • 8.63 km
  • Closed routeClosed route
  • Soon-to-be closed routeSoon-to-be closed route
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De Boswinkel (Visitor Centre) Starting Point

From & To
De Boswinkel (Visitor Centre) Starting Point

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From To Segment length Marking(s) Characteristics Reports

De boswinkel (visitor centre) starting point

0.37 km
    0.14 km
      2.77 km
        1.08 km
        0.62 km
          0.09 km
          0.23 km
          0.47 km

          Uilenstede starting point

          1.24 km

          Uilenstede starting point

          1.5 km

          De boswinkel (visitor centre) starting point

          0.13 km