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Vuurlijn Path (yellow)

Unpaved path (partly) No dogs allowed

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The Vuurlijnpad or Vuurlijn Path (yellow) is quite a hefty walk around the Oosteinder and Legmeer polders. Head onto the Hogedijk for an idea of what the polder used to look like. You then walk past the former Aalsmeer terminus, which was the final stop for trains from Amsterdam and Haarlem between 1915 and 1950. The Vuurlijn is next, which lent its name to this route. This military dike was part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam that surrounded the capital. The dike was located behind the fortresses at Kudelstaart and De Kwakel and is currently a 4 km-long green walkway.

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  • 18.04 km
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Aalsmeer Starting Point [TOP]

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Aalsmeer Starting Point [TOP]

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Aalsmeer starting point [top]

0.05 km
    3.66 km
      4.78 km
      1.25 km
      2.03 km
      0.65 km
      0.73 km

        Starting point aalsmeer kolenhaven

        0.93 km

          Starting point aalsmeer kolenhaven

          0.25 km
            1.91 km
              1.75 km
              • IVM werkzh wordt het traject tussen KP 74-73 omgeleid via de Oosteinderweg
              • Het traject tussen KP 73 en KP 74 is afgesloten.

              Aalsmeer starting point [top]

              0.05 km