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Boerderij Meerzicht (Meerzicht Farm) Starting Point 86 afbeelding

Routes from this starting point

Farm Walk (orange)
Unpaved path (partly)
Old Polder Walk (blue)
Unpaved path (partly) No dogs allowed

In the 1930s, many farmers had to vacate the land used for creating the Amsterdamse Bos park. Only Meerzicht Farm in the Rijkeroort polder was spared. The farm was a tearoom as far back as 1857, located near the Ringvaart canal of the then newly drained Haarlemmermeer. The owners at the time saw their surroundings change rapidly, from sailing polder to reclamation and eventually to forest less than 30 years later. At the Nieuwe Meer recreational area, the old peat polder is still intact and you can spot meadow birds such as lapwings and redshanks. The forest edge along the Ringvaart is quite different. It is a wind buffer that protects the forest from strong storm winds blowing from the open area of Schiphol Airport. There is an ecological corridor along the water that is home to grass snakes, bats and toads.

  • The Boerderijwandeling or Farm Walk (orange) connects the two farms in the Amsterdamse Bos: the old Meerzicht farm and the new Ridammerhoeve farm, which has been run as a goat farm since 1988. The biodynamic farm is a fun place for young and old, where you can enjoy goat’s milk ice cream and goat's cheese, and there is a maze nearby. The walk continues along beautiful natural forest. The Vogeleiland botanical garden (dogs not allowed) is worth a small detour!
  • The Oude Polderwandeling or Old Polder Walk (blue) takes you through the old Dutch polder landscape between the Bosbaan lake and the Nieuwe Meer. You will walk along the Bosbaan, which is on a much lower level than the polder next to it. At its lowest point, the Amsterdamse Bos is 6.5 metres below sea level (NAP).