De Hoge Dijk Starting point [TOP] 60 afbeelding

Routes from this starting point

Abcoudermeerroute (red)
Unpaved path (partly)
Hogendijkroute (blue)
Unpaved path (partly) No dogs allowed
Holendrechtroute (black)
Unpaved path (partly) No dogs allowed

The De Hoge Dijk recreational area is named after the high ring dike that was built around the then peat farm Holendrecht en Bullewijk at the beginning of the 19th century. In the Middle Ages, the ‘Reyghersbossch’ was located on this spot. This was where the nobility practised falconry, a popular pastime in which the conquered egrets were eaten after the hunt. In the last century, a recreational area was built here as a green buffer near the city with plenty of activities on offer, from swimming and sunbathing to golf and managing nature yourself. The Hoge Dijk is a link in the ecological corridor between the IJmeer and other nature reserves around Amsterdam. The subsoil of sand on peat ensures the presence of special flora and fauna.

  • The Abcoudermeerroute (red) is a short walk that winds through the recreational area along paved and unpaved paths. On the south side you walk along the Abcoudermeer lake, which was possibly created in around 1400 BC by the Zuiderzee bay breaking through.
  • The Hogendijkroute (blue) includes the Klarenbeek nature reserve, where many rare and protected plants grow, such as southern marsh orchids, marsh marigolds and large buttercups. With any luck, you'll see a kingfisher or blue-throat. The route also runs right between the tees and greens of the golf course.
  • The Holendrechtroute (black) is a longer walk that connects the Hoge Dijk with the Ouderkerkerplas lake. It is delightful walking along the Holendrecht peat river. In the spring, you can see godwits, ruffs and pintail ducks at the flooded Landje van Geijsel.