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The starting points are easily accessible by car and usually also by public transport. Parking is available and you will usually find good catering facilities nearby. At each starting point you will find an information board showing the nicest walking routes in the immediate vicinity. You can choose from an array of circular walks, with distances ranging from 2 to 12 km, all signposted in two directions with coloured arrows.

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Starting point Vogelenzang foto
Startpunt 77 pictogram
Starting point Vogelenzang

Vogelenzang is located on one of the old beach ridges behind the dunes. Bulb cultivation has traditionally been done on the geest lands in between. In the spring, the colourful carpets of blooms

Starting point Wandelbos Groenendaal Heemstede foto
Startpunt 46 pictogram
Starting point Wandelbos Groenendaal Heemstede

We should be glad that the municipality of Heemstede bought Wandelbos Groenendaal in 1913 when excavation for bulb cultivation was imminent. It’s a combination of several estates and homesteads

Starting point Zandvoort Station foto
Startpunt 5 pictogram
Starting point Zandvoort Station

Zandvoort aan Zee has been associated with the beach and the race track for years. The small fishing village became known as a seaside resort in the 19th century. There was a Kurhaus grand hotel and

Starting point Zandvoortselaan (tourist transfer point) foto
Startpunt 25 pictogram
Starting point Zandvoortselaan (tourist transfer point)

The Zandvoortselaan entrance is one of the four main entrances of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (Water Supply Dunes, AWD). The dune region is 3,400 hectares in size. Waternet has been purifying

Starting point Zorgvrij Velsen (tourist transfer point) foto
Startpunt 47 pictogram
Starting point Zorgvrij Velsen (tourist transfer point)

From Boerderij Zorgvrij near Velsen-Zuid – with Onder de Platanen pancake restaurant and playground – four walking routes depart through the Spaarnwoude recreation area. It’s a multifaceted

Starting point Zwaanshoek foto
Startpunt 9 pictogram
Starting point Zwaanshoek

Three newer green areas, some of which are still under development, come together here: Boseilanden, Park Zwaanshoek and PARK21.   The Bennebroekerbuurt Route (red) from starting point

Starting point Zwanenburg foto
Startpunt 68 pictogram
Starting point Zwanenburg

  Zwanenburg almost forms a double village with Halfweg. Since 2019, both villages have been united in the much larger municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Before that, the Ringvaart of the same name

Tolhuissluis Starting Point foto
Startpunt 61 pictogram
Tolhuissluis Starting Point

The Tolhuissluis lock was built in 1823 on the initiative of King William I. To improve the navigation link between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, he had two canals built, the Aarkanaal and the

Uilenstede Starting Point foto
Startpunt 54 pictogram
Uilenstede Starting Point

With around 3,400 residents, Uilenstede campus is the largest student campus in the Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Amstelveen, right on the border with Amsterdam. Where student

Uithoorn Bus Station Starting Point foto
Startpunt 20 pictogram
Uithoorn Bus Station Starting Point

The present Uithoorn used to consist of two villages: Thamen, approximately at the location where the bus station is now located, and Uithoorn on the banks of the Amstel river. Followers of the